How Secure are Conferencing Services?

How Secure is your Conference Call? A major priority for businesses is the ability to have a secured conference line where professionals can discuss business without interuption. Learn how to improve your conference security today.

How Secure Are Conferencing Services?

Conferencing services can be very useful in business when you need to communicate with multiple offices, clients, or agents in order to discuss large projects or important company news, but some people may have worries about the security of large conference calls especially if they are arranged by an outside conferencing service. Since security is vital to any business, its important that you feel comfortable with the security of the conferencing service that you choose; to assist in this regard, please consider the following information about conferencing services, the security of conference calls placed through them, and suggestions for how you can improve conference security as well as in-house alternatives to conferencing services in case you still worry about the security of your situation.

An Overview of Conferencing Services

Conferencing services exist so as to allow businesses to have scheduled conference calls and long-distance meetings without all of the hassle that was once associated with conference calls originating from within the main office. The call originates from the conferencing service, connecting with all of the participants simultaneously and linking them via an conference bridge. When the various parties of the conference call are finished with their portion of the call, they can simply hang up the phone and they will be disconnected from the conference bridge.

Conferencing Security

With a third party organizing the conference call and maintaining the conference bridge that links the parties of the conference together, some people may worry about the security of their company secret or the information discussed within the conference. This is generally an unfounded worry, however, as much of the process is automated and the calls to the participants are made by an autodialer program contained within the conference bridge itself. Depending upon the company that is acting as the conference service there may be recordings or logs that are kept of the meeting, but these are automated as well and stored as encrypted files to prevent them from being stolen or broadcast. These logs and recordings are usually purged with regularity, and are kept only long enough to deliver a copy to the company who hired the service or to make sure that the recording wont be needed.

Improving Your Conference Security

There are a number of things that you can do if you are still unsure as to the security of your companys conference calls which are placed through a conferencing service. Make sure that vital information is sent via other means, either as password-protected e-mail attachments or private conference calls initiated from within the company offices. You might also be more selective about the conferencing service that you choose to handle your conference calls, taking the time to review several different services and checking for any complaints with the Better Business Bureau or similar organizations. Meet with representatives of different conferencing companies and request information about the type of bridge that they use for their calls and about how much employee interaction there is with the conferencing process and how much of the process is automated.

As an alternative to using conferencing services, you might also consider purchasing a conference bridge for the company and using it to make sure that all of your conferences are in-house. This will allow you to have a direct hand in the security of your companys long-distance meetings and will insure that no one outside of your company has any access to the conference call or its participants. Over time this option may also prove to be less expensiveArticle Submission, as you wont have to continue paying the fees of conferencing services in order to have your calls automated from a central location.

Secure Storage: Mitigate Your Office Surplus

Before uprooting your business and employees for a bigger facility, give some thought to staying put and placing some unused equipment and some of your supplies into secure storage.

Office space is at a premium these days. You pay for every foot of space. Before uprooting your business and employees for a bigger facility, give some thought to staying put and placing some unused equipment and some of your supplies into storage.

This can free up more work space for you and your employees. It can keep you in your current location, making it easier for customer to find you and employees not have to uproot and relocate to a new facility.

If you have excess inventory, furniture or equipment, it does not have stay on site. You can put it into a secure storage facility and free up valuable space in your current location. Maybe there are old documents that you need to keep in the company, just not within arm’s reach anymore. If you had a secure off-site facility, could those documents be stored there? A secured storage facility could be your answer to storing those documents off-site. A climate-controlled, monitored storage site could be just the thing to free up space in your business and money in your budget.

Secure storage is a low-cost alternative to building or leasing a bigger facility for your business. If it is storage you need, there are ways to address that need without building a bigger facility. Renting storage space can be done at a fraction of the cost of building or leasing additional space.

And it you do opt for self-storage, know that you will not be putting your documents into a cold, dank warehouse. We provide you with a climate-controlled room perfect for document storage. You have the assurance of 24-hour security at the site and the ability to get to your documents whenever you need them – even weekends and late-night hours. You will have an entry system that enables you to access your office items and documents whenever you need them regardless of whether our office is open or not.

If making the office storage move yourself, many facilities will offer you use of a truck or hand carts to make the self-storage effort easier.

Our climate-controlled facility can serve as your warehouse, enabling you to put seldom used items into far back storage and fast-moving products or often-needed items in the front. Are you finding that you frequently are having to reorganize things because of a lack of business storage space? Is your business not running as efficiently as it could because too many things are being stored on site and the right things are not accessible when you need them?

If so, business self-storage may be a wise move for you. You can make your workplace less cluttered and decrease stress levels because what is remaining in the office is more easily found. Think of a business self-storage facility as your own warehouse, just without the hassle and expense of going out and building a warehouse. And with construction costs continuing to rise, using self-storage instead of building your own secure storage facility just makes sense.

And you can get to your supplies, equipment or information whenever you need toFind Article, 365 days per year.

Consider self-storage for your business today. Call us and we’d be glad to help figure out a storage solution for your company.

Why SSL is not enough to secure your credit card details

SSL (secure sockets layer) is the security … everyone uses to ensure that their web … are secure. An SSL … is … by a padlock icon in the … side of the tas

SSL (secure sockets layer) is the security technology everyone uses to ensure that their web connections are secure. An SSL connection is symbolized by a padlock icon in the right-hand side of the taskbar and a URL that starts with ‘https’, the ‘s’ standing for a secure http connection. What trust, however, should users associate with SSL?


SSL uses a method known as public key authentication in order to provide the confidential link between the server and the client computer. This can be a very strong and effective method. It allows you to establish a strong confidential link between a server and a client without either knowing about the other beforehand. And that’s where the problems really begin.

Public key authentication works where each end of a connection can independently check that the other end is real. It’s the same idea as getting a cheque from someone you don’t know and calling their bank to see if it’s OK. That’s why it doesn’t really work. If it was going to work, the server would have to be able to find out if the client key really belonged to them or not – and it can’t. In our bank example, it’s like having a cheque without the bank name on it or the customer name the bank knows you by so that you can’t even ask the question. In fact if that happened you probably wouldn’t accept the cheque!

As a result, the server can’t tell if a hacker has diverted you via their own site and is playing a ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack where the hacker gets to see all the data going both ways. Usually the server uses an identification that has been approved by one of the companies whose information is stored inside your browser. That’s why at the client end it all seems fine. There is just the minor problem that you can’t actually tell if the identity is still valid because there’s no way in the current system to do that. Not surprisingly, there is nothing happening that allows the server to link the information arriving at it with the actual user of the client PC. It is always assumed that the information comes from there but you can’t prove it.

Is the padlock real?

Although the SSL padlock has been on the bottom of the screen for a while now, only the most adventurous have tried doing things like clicking on it. If you did you might be in for a surprise.

The first thing is that you can’t tell if the padlock is genuine. After all, anyone can write a padlock to that point on the screen, it’s not a special protected area of some kind. So seeing the padlock appear needn’t mean a secure connection is actually in place. If you do click on it you should see the web site address for the site of the server that purchased the certificate being used. You should compare this with the web site address shown in your browser tool bar. It is important to read it carefully since you are the one doing the checking, there is nothing automated about the comparison.

What needs to change?

Several things need to change before you should feel comfortable using SSL.

1) Getting enough functionality onto the client system to be able to sign and encrypt actual data instead of trying to make secure connections to places you don’t know.

2) Providing clients with the ability to check that certificates sent from servers are still genuine (check to see if they have been revoked) automatically. Then users can be sure that no man-in-the-middle can read the information they send, and that the server they are dealing with is for real.

3) The client needs an identity that can be authenticated by the server (this does not have to mean that users need to go out and buy a certificateArticle Search, the server site may provide them with a suitable certificate as a separate process).

4) Automating this whole process so that the user does not have to click on the padlock icon to find out if the security is real.

SAP Business One How to Secure Implementation Success

When you are planning to select new Small Business ERP application, be prepared to do your homework. In more than fifteen years consulting career we’ve seen successes and failures and we would like to share with you our opinion on the best way to avoid failure and secure implementation success

Let’s begin with functionality match to your business requirements. Good recommendation is to stick to native functionality of the application with possible several exceptions where you cover lacking functionality with customization. Try to be neutral and avoid possible sympathies and antipathies and look at the functionality match. Review major ERP brands and pick the one with maximum functionality coverage. When you are done with selection let’s now take a look at implementation phases and their potential problems:

1. Data Conversion. This phase is famous to cause high percent of project failures. When you are moving data from legacy accounting to new system think about what has to happen. First of all you are exporting data from legacy table and then do so-called data cleansing trying to weed out whatever is not relevant and reshuffle table record fields to fit new format. And then you physically move documents to SAP B1. Native migration tool is Data Transfer Workbench which works with CSV files. Think about conversion levels where probably the required one would be master records, such as business partners, General Ledger accounts and addresses. Again these are likely required candidates to be exported, cleansed and imported. Now let’s think about historical documents. Here you have the potential to drive into swamp and eat up your implementation budget. First of all the magnitude of historical documents might be measured in millions and each one should be passed through business logic in order to be saved with all the chores of summary tables update as well as GL distributions. Do not expect historical documents migration to be done right the first time and be ready to restore company database from backup and start over with corrections. We have the following suggestion. Isn’t easier to keep legacy accounting running for inquiries only in case if historical customer calls and asks about document status?

2. Customizations. Deep custom programming is the second culprit to cause high percentage of implementation hurdles. It might look simple to program SAP Business One SDK by reviewing sample codes in VB or C# and do the job in Microsoft Visual Studio. However it might be a tough for generic C# programmer to learn SB1 objects structure and functionality. Inefficient code often leads to such bypass issues as poor performance and various bugs. Also think about the future surgeries such as version updates and patches application. Upgrades require you to recompile modification code to be compatible with the new version. Microsoft .Net is subject to permanent evolution and some of the methods could be deprecated in the future. The same could be said about Software Development Kit. And by the way this is one of the reasons why you should own source code of your customization

3. Integrations. Here you should play by the rules. SQL programmer could tell you that he or she is ready to code integration in SQL Stored Procedure. Business One has three tiers ERP architecture where communication with SQL server is controlled by Application Server layer. This application server provides rollbacks in the case when transaction is not saved consistently. SQL Stored Procedure has no idea about application server and could cause data inconsistency just due to the fact that SQL programmer is coming through learning curve and you should expect software bugs. Both Data Transfer Workbench and Software Development Kit talk to SQL Server via Application Server and provide business logic validation and reliable data integrity

4. Consulting Firm Expertise and Specialization. If your project seems to challenging and requires custom programming, Crystal Reports design and integration we recommend you to pay attention to the consulting partner selection. Popular question to answer is ‘do I want local reseller or I have to pick nationwide firm with profound technology tracking records?’ We are inclined recommend regional or nationwide firm with SDK programming expertise. Modern VOIP and web sessions technologies make local service advantage less and less valuable

5. Project Recovery or Second Opinion. Looks like here you really have a problem and need help. Second opinion is available. Just open Google or Yahoo and enter keywords in the search bar. Read several pages and we believe that in half an hour you should be ready to make several calls in selecting alternative consulting firms

Is YOUR Password SECURE?

Doing any kind of business or shopping on the internet we are required to set a password for the accounts we use. When was the last time you reviewed these passwords? Are they secure? Can they be easily guessed? There are steps you can take to ensure your accounts are secure which mainly is your password used.

Is YOUR Password SECURE?

I want you to think about the passwords you use
to protect your important information like your
payment processor accounts, Bank Login, paypal
login, or how about passwords you use for your
websites and affiliate login information.

Now can you tell me without a doubt that these
passwords you use are secure? Do you create hard
enough passwords that will prevent hackers from
accessing your secure information?

Do you use words found in the dictionary in your password?
Do you use your last name?
How about your First name?
How about your date of birth?
Is your password less then 8 characters in length?

If you have answered yes to any of the above
questions then I can tell you without a doubt
YOUR password is NOT secure!

Here are some basic guidelines for creating
AND KEEPING a secure password:

– Your password should be at least 8 characters
in length. The longer the password the stronger it is.

– Your password should not contain words found in
the dictionary. There are special tools that
hackers use that can and will decode your passwords
ESPECIALLY if you make it easy for them and use
words found in the dictionary!

– Your passwords should contain numbers and special
characters. It is always wise to replace a letter
with a character. This creates more strength in
your password. For example instead of an A you
could use @ or instead of an I you could use !.
When using special characters like #&%!@ in with
a 8 character or longer password you are creating
a very secure password.

– You should not use familiar names or birthdates. This is a given.

– Your password should be easy for you to remember
but hard for others to guess. You do not want a
password that is so hard to remember that you have
to write it down. Writing it down means that others
will have access to it. I know some even write all
their passwords in a little book. Now tell me what
happens if that book gets in the wrong hands?

– Keep your password a secret –
Do not share your passwords with others

– Do NOT provide your password via email. There
are many scams out there on the net that are
referred to as “phishing”, this is where you may
receive a fraudulent email telling you that there
is an issue with one of your online bank accounts,
ebay account, Amazon account and even your paypal
account. These emails look real and fool MANY people.
The email will ask you to verify some information
and to check your account. So you login using the
URL they provide in the email, but little do you
know, you have just provided your login information
to the thieves/scam artists. They now have full
access to your account information

– Do not use the same password over and over again.
If one account is compromised and they get your
password, then this would mean ALL of your accounts
you use that password with are compromised.

– Change your password every 30 – 45 days. This
ensures security. With your password changing often
it is harder for would be hackers to crack your
password and gain access to your information.

My partner taught me a little trick that works
great. Think of a song or a sentence that is
easy to remember.

For example: I have been married for 15 years to
a wonderful Man .. Now you can translate that
into a password by taking the fist letter of
each word and creating your password.
[email protected] – Now that is a Good Secure password.
Has Capital letters, small case letters plus
special characters and is over 8 characters in length.

Another Example:
I Love Money And want to have More – Which could be !LM&w2Hm

See how that is done?

In this day and age of Stolen identities and
compromised Financial accounts, it is imperative
to make strong passwords. Experiment and you can
come up with passwords that will ensure your
personal information is not stolen and that would
be scammers can’t use your online accounts for
their illegal purposes.

Many of us create passwords quickly with not much
thought and make sure it is easy to remember. But
by doing so, we are creating a unsecured password
that is perfect for thievesPsychology Articles, scammers and hackers
to get by.

We use passwords to secure our information…
Then why use passwords that don’t offer the optimal
protection? Passwords NEED to be secure!

The Beginners Guide To Ideas (From Step 1)

Why You Should Consume Healthy Food

The health of your body is largely dependent on the food you consume. While most people are aware of this from a very tender age, it is quite common to lose track along the way. That is why you will see an increase in the number of people suffering from numerous health complications that can be avoided by simply eating right. Keep reading for more details on this benefits and why you need to start on a healthy diet right away.

Weight regulation

Constant consumption of junk and unhealthy fats usually leads to gaining unnecessary body weight. When left unchecked, the person eventually becomes obese. This is then followed by countless health complications like a rise in blood pressure and diabetes. Unfortunately, this may eventually lead to the death of a person. Eating healthy food helps regulate your weight, keep your body in perfect shape and avoid the health complications.

Improved productivity

There are many things that go into achieving high productivity levels in anything you do. Out of all of them, a healthy diet plays the most significant role. They will ignite all the necessary muscles and hormones and put you in a position where the brain is thinking straight and other parts working tirelessly. Increased productivity would then result in more income that helps improve your life.

Helps avoid treatment expenses

When you think about the cost and headache of treating a disease like diabetes, you will realize that it is better to eat healthily and prevent it in the first place. The expenses are just too hire compared to eating a balanced diet. Good food will boost your immune system hence preventing attacks from diseases. It is a prevention measure that is much cheaper than treatment costs or anything else medical practitioners would offer. Furthermore, it is safe and would help increase your life expectancy.

Increased strength

Healthy foods are the main source of essential nutrients that are used in growth and development of different body parts. A good diet rich in organic proteins and carbohydrates will see your muscles grow and become strong. You do not get tired easily and can work for hours without having to rest. It is also good for building high resistance levels.

Live a better life

Eating healthy is the foundation of living a fulfilling life. With no diseases to worry about, your body performing at its best and having a good mood at all times, you will always feel good about your life. This could be improving relations with friends and family or engaging in activities that make you happy. As a result, everybody gets to benefit from consumption of healthy foods in one way or the other.

For a very long time now and even in years to come, healthy food has and will always be the perfect recipe for a good life. The only thing that people should focus on is being consistent.